7th November 2018

Welcome to our November/December newsletter! We have plenty of celebrations planned for November and December – let’s start getting ready!

New Children

We would like to welcome the following children and their families to our nursery: Ariana, Emily, Jesse and Jessica (all Baby Room); and Riaan and Natalia (both Preschool Room).

Staff Promotions

I am pleased to inform you that Liana (our Room Leader in the Baby Room) has been promoted to Senior Room Leader. Liana will support me with management duties, alongside Kiera and Arleta on a daily basis. Liana will continue to lead the team in the Baby Room.

Babies and Teenies Activities

The Babies and Teenies have been looking at different shapes and naming primary colours. They have been learning to feed themselves, to share, and to help tidy up. The children have also been learning about the different senses, by exploring the different textures and different lights in our Sensory Room.

We have had several celebrations, which the children enjoyed – especially Halloween!

We have had several new babies who have started at the nursery, and they have settled in nicely. The babies have been learning to stand with support, and to walk. The babies have also been learning to hold bottles by themselves.

Toddler and Preschool activities

The Toddlers (2-3 year-olds) and Pre-school (3-5 year-olds) children have been talking about space, healthy eating, days of the week, letters, self serving at meal times, and going to the toilet.

The Toddlers have been learning about different shapes, and how we should take care of each other, as we have several children transitioning from the Baby Room to the Toddler Room. The Toddlers have been learning to drink from open cups without spilling, and to serve themselves at meal times. The children produced some lovely artwork for Halloween – I hope that you have seen their display in the Toddler room!

The Toddlers have talked about planets, and crafted some planets for our display. As the children showed great interested in those activities, why not take a family trip to the Science Museum, where the children can see the space exhibition. Feel free to take photos for your child to share with their nursery friends. This would be a great family outing, and will help to build self-confidence in children, as they are proud to show photos off to their friends.

We will be providing plenty of activities regarding potty training, as this age group are usually getting ready for this. We, of course, need your support in this and will work together when children start using toilets.

The Pre-school children have been concentrating on the letters ‘C’,’D’ and ‘E’, and counting from one to 15. Most of our Pre-schooler children already recognise these numbers. We had some lovely activities surrounding Black History month, and about space. You can see displays from these activities in our Preschool room. We are very proud of our Preschool children who have shown particular interest in these activities.

We have been concentrating on different stories about different celebrations, and asking the children to talk about the celebrations with the aid of book illustrations. While you are reading to your child at home, why not encourage your child to tell you what they can see on the illustrations. This is great for their language development and imagination.

We also talked about healthy eating, and sampled some organic fruit and vegetables from a farm.

Positive Word of the Month

‘Peace’ is our word of the month for November, and we will be talking about ‘forgiveness’ in December.

Language of the Month

Our languages of the months of November and December are Mandarin and sign language, respectively. I would like to invite those parents who speak these languages to come into the nursery to do activities around these languages with our children (we will help with this). Please come and see me to book in a time slot. Thank you!

Forthcoming Special Days/Celebrations

5th November – Guy Fawkes Day

7th November – Diwali (Hindu festival of lights)

11th November – Remembrance Sunday

13th November – World Kindness Day

16th November – Children in Need (children can wear something spotty and colourful for this day)

30th November – St Andrew’s Day (Christian Scottish)

2nd December – Hanukkah (Jewish festival of lights)

24th December – Christmas Eve (Christian)

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas lunch will be served to the children on Thursday 6th December 2018. If your child does not usually attend nursery on a Thursday, you can book your child for an extra day, subject to availability. Otherwise, you are welcome to come along with your child for songs and the Father Christmas visit at the times below.

For our Baby Room, the party will start at 3:30. For parents of the under twos, please come along to the nursery from 3:30 pm to hear the children singing. At 4:00 pm, Father Christmas will drop by to see the children. Our babies will have a Christmas-themed ballet session with our ballet teacher, Megan Metts, at 2:00 pm.

For our Toddlers and Preschool children, ZooLab will be coming to the nursery at 1:30 pm to provide the children with an imaginative Christmas-themed animal handling workshop. Children will be singing from 4:00 to 4:30, followed by a visit from Father Christmas. For parents of Toddlers and Preschool children, please come along to the nursery from 4:00 pm.

Children’s Photographs

As you know, Adam Hollier, from Adam Hollier Photography, took photographs of the children at our nursery. The photographs can be viewed and ordered directly through Adam’s website.

Progress Reports

May I remind you all to please bring your child’s signed progress report back to the nursery if you have not done so already. Should you have any questions about the reports, please let me know.

Long Nails

Please ensure that your child’s nails have been cut short, especially for those children in the Baby and Toddler Rooms, as some of the children accidentally scratch each other during play.

Sick Children

We have had a couple of children who have been unwell but have still come into the nursery. I appreciate that we all have to go to work, but we cannot have poorly children at the nursery, as they will not enjoy their time, and it is not fair on other children.

It is important that children are not subjected to the rigours of the nursery day if they are unwell. If a child is unwell then they will prefer to be at home with their parent(s) to recover, rather than at nursery with their peers.

Spare Clothes and Nappies

Please ensure that your child has enough spare clothes in their bags, especially if your child has started potty training. Please also bring nappies into the nursery promptly when asked by our staff.

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

For Toddlers and Preschool children, please ensure that your child has a toothbrush, toothbrush cover, and toothpaste at the nursery.

INSET Day Nursery Closure

Our last INSET Day this year will be on Friday 23rd November 2018. The nursery will be closed on this day for essential staff training. Please arrange alternative childcare for this day.

Christmas Opening/Closure Dates

We are planning to close the nursery at 4.00 pm on Monday 24th December. If this is likely to cause problems for you, then please let me know. The nursery will re-open again on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

To help with our planning, I would be grateful if you could let me know your plans for using the nursery in the week commencing 17th December.

Nursery Opening/Closing Time

I would like to remind all parents that the nursery opens at 8:00 am. Please do not come earlier than this as our staff will be conducting risk assessments and prepare the nursery for breakfast before 8:00 am.

Please also note that the nursery closes at 6:00 pm. Please come to collect your child prior to 6:00 pm to allow a few minutes for feedback. A few parents have arrived late for collection recently.


Thank you to all parents for storing pushchairs folded and upright in the buggy storage area. Your continued co-operation is much appreciated and will ensure that all parents can access their pushchairs with ease!

Emergency Mobile Telephone Number

If you need to call the nursery, please phone our nursery landline on 020 8840 1116. If for any reason the landline is down, please call the emergency nursery mobile on 07745219888 (please do not leave voicemail or text messages on the nursery mobile. Messages may, however, be left by email). If in doubt, you can contact Head Office on 01442 878887.

Extra Sessions

If you require extra sessions at the nursery, please let me know. Please give as much notice as possible, as we need to ensure that our staff to child ratios are met at all times. However, if you have a last minute request for extra sessions, we will try to accommodate when possible. Please check with us whether we can accommodate extra sessions for your child before you bring your child into the nursery. Please note that extra sessions must be paid for prior to attendance and cannot be cancelled once booking has been confirmed.


If your child is unwell or intends to be away from the nursery for any reason (eg, holidays or sickness), please could you let us know as soon as possible. This helps us to plan our activities and staff rotas.

Please note that nursery fees are payable when your child is off sick or away on holiday, as specified in our Terms and Conditions. In addition, registered attendance days cannot be changed or swapped.

Late Collection

Please could all parents ensure that they pick up their child promptly as soon as their nursery session finishes at 1 pm or 6 pm. Late collection is disruptive and can affect our staff/child ratios. Late collection charges will apply.

The nursery closes at 6:00 pm. Please pick up your child before this time to allow enough time for feedback about your child’s day. Your consideration would be much appreciated.

Contacting the Nursery

If you need to contact the nursery, please telephone us on our landline. You may also email me at manager@monkeypuzzleealing.co.uk, but please be aware that I am not always at my desk to pick up emails throughout the day. Please phone me for anything urgent, or for anything that needs my same-day attention.

Children’s Development Profiles

Your child’s development profile is available for you to see at any time. Just ask your child’s key person if you wish to view this. If you have any concerns, queries or suggestions, please feel free to speak to me at any time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our families!

Biljana Dokmanovic

Manager, Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Ealing

020 8840 1116